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Full Version: Nuts Seasonings: Condiments Typical Siomay Nusantara
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Well if the process of making and steaming shrimp somay has finished, we now make a marinade. Actually we can use chili sauce, soy sauce or tomato sauce instant ready to eat dumplings sukasuka but this time wanted to share the recipe to make the peanut sauce also let me complete. Besides the peanut sauce is a condiment typical of the archipelago, so engga afdhal if we do not use it

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The following materials and ways of making dumplings sukasuka style peanut sauce:
[Image: bumbu-kacang-siomay.png]

Ingredients :

- One hundred and fifty (150) grams of peanuts
- One (1) tablespoon dried shrimp finely
- Salt to taste
- Enough water
- Two (2) cloves garlic
- Brown sugar to taste
- Four (4) red onions
- Four (4) pieces of orange leaves
- Ten (10) pieces of red pepper (adjust to taste)
- Cooking oil to taste for sauteing
- How to Make Peanut Seasonings

Fried or sauteed some of the following ingredients:

- Peanuts
- Garlic
- Red onion
- Red chili

After all the above ingredients is finished frying, into a blender along with the salt, dried shrimp smooth, water and brown sugar. Blend until smooth, after the completion of our blended cook briefly while insert orange leaves into it so that no scent. Leave some time to mature. Once cooked, we could flush the shrimp dumplings boiled earlier with this nutty flavor. Could plus chili sauce and soy ya let more okay taste. Please try friends.

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